At least once a year, all warehouse owners should arrange a thorough inspection of their racking by qualified technicians who will assess the condition of all elements of the facility.

The inspection consists of investigating any signs of possible deterioration, taking into account key points such as:

• General shelf condition.

• Condition and suitability of pallets.

• Correspondence of the levels of the installation with those indicated in the contract level.

• Adequacy of forklift trucks and loading units to shelves.

• Checking manoeuvres are done correctly by the operators.

• The order and cleanliness of the passages.

• The existence and need for strut protections.

• Cracks, sinking, or damage to the ground.

• Shelf tolerances and deformations, which must not exceed certain limits.

• Label identification of toxic items

• Notification of possible risks of installation and possible requirement to immediately reduce risk levels.

The expert advisor, based on the analysis carried out, will issue a report detailing the situation of the installation and, if not compliant, specifying the actions to be carried out.

The collaboration between the user and the manufacturer of the storage systems must be constant and maintained after delivery. To achieve successful collaboration, a good racking equipment and spares supplier such as should offer customers the following services:

• Routine checks and inspections.

• Advice on any doubts about the modifications the user wishes to apply (it should be remembered that the distribution or use of storage equipment cannot be altered without the user’s consent).

• Supply of the components that are required to replace those that are damaged.

• Delivery of safety manuals for consultation of warehouse managers and users.

• Maintenance of a history of inspections and maintenance carried out.

• Technical advice on the use of shelves and security in the warehouse.

• Permanent telephone service.

If you have not yet had the mandatory annual technical inspection, we recommend that you put this appointment in your schedule as soon as possible, fulfilling the responsibility of ensuring the health of the workers in your storage facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes can affect warehouse security?

• Faulty operation of the forklift.

• Quality of operator training.

• Changes to the original storage facilities.

• The poor condition of the maintenance equipment.

• Changes in the class or quality of the pallets used.

• Damaged storage items.

• Too small shelves.

• Width of the corridor too narrow.

• Inadequate cleaning and organisation.

• Insufficient lighting.

• Flooring deficiencies.

Why is proper warehouse maintenance essential?

All components in the warehouse must be in optimal shape to reduce the risk of accidents.

Periodic inspections and maintenance duties are essential to validate the status of storage systems and ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.

The frequency with which they are carried out will depend on the components of each installation.



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